Sie werden hier überwiegend Bücher in
englischer Sprache finden die sich mit den asiatischen Orchideen beschäftigen

Berg Panà , Henrike
Handbuch der Orchideen-Namen / Dictionary of Orchid Names / Dizionario dei nomi delle orchidee
Februar 2005
784 Seiten, Gebunden
Ulmer, Eugen, GmbH & Co.
ISBN: 3800146207


Masdevallias von Mary E. Gerritsen, Ron Parsons
Timber Press (OR)
Gebundene Ausgabe / Sprache Englisch
Noch nicht erschienen.


Bulbophyllums and Their Allies von Emly S. Siegerist
Timber Press (OR) (Oktober 2001)
Gebundene Ausgabe / Sprache Englisch


Wilde Orchideen in Thailand /Field Guide to the Wild Orchids of Thailand
von Nantiya Vaddhanaphuti
Laufersweiler, Tom


Slipper Orchids of Borneo by CRIBB, Phillip
ISBN: 983 812 018 9; Book No: OB12021
Publisher: Natural History Publications Borneo; 1997; 120 pages;.


Orchids of Borneo Volume 1 Introduction & Selection of Species by CHAN, C.L.; LAMB, A.; SHIM, P.S. & WOOD, J.J.
ISBN: 967 99947 3 2; Book No: OB12014
Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; 1994; 322 pages;


Orchids of Borneo Volume 2 Bulbophyllum by VERMEULEN, J.J.
ISBN: 0 950 4876 9 4; Book No: OB12104
Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; 1991; 342 pages;

Orchids of Borneo Volume 3 Dendrobium, Dendrochilum and Others by WOOD, J.J.
ISBN: 967 99947 5 9; Book No: OB12119
Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; 1997; 299 pages;


Orchids of Borneo Volume 4 by WOOD, J.J.
Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The Orchids of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore by SEIDENFADEN, Gunnar & WOOD, Jeffrey J.
ISBN: 87 85215 14 4; Book No: OB12093
Publisher: Olsen and Olsen; 1992; 779 pages;

Native Orchids of Peninsula Malaya by TEO, Chris K.H.
ISBN: 9971 65 177 7; Book No: OB50282
Publisher: Times Books International, Singapore; 1985; 119 pages;

Orchids of Malaya by SEGERBÄCK. L.B.
ISBN: 90 6191 700 X; Book No: OB12091
Publisher: A.A. Balkema; 1992; 190 pages;

Orchids of Sumatra by COMBER, J.B.
ISBN: 983 812 043 X; Book No: OB12018
Publisher: Natural History Publications Borneo in association with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore; 2001; 1025 pages;
Hardcover (laminated boards) with d/w

Illustrated with 664 colour photos mostly taken of plants growing in the wild; 70 line drawings. Describes 1118 species in 139 genera known from Sumatra and the surrounding islands.

The Orchids of the Philippines by COOTES, Jim
ISBN: 981 232 100 4; Book No: OB12019
Publisher: Bookwise; 2001 ; 232 pages;
338 colour photos and descriptions

The Genus Coelogyne - A Synopsis by CLAYTON, Dudley
ISBN: 983 812 048 0; Book No: OB12134
Publisher: Natural History Publications, Borneo; 2002; 316 pages;

Slipper Orchids of Vietnam by AVERYANOV, L: CRIBB, P. et al
ISBN: 0 88192 592 6; Book No: OB12159
Publisher: Timber Press; 2003; 319 pages;
Containing 340 colour photos and 28 line drawings

Orchids of Sarawak by BEAMAN, Teofila E.; WOOD, Jeffrey J.; BEAMAN, Reed S. and BEAMAN, John .H.
ISBN: 983 812 045 6; Book No: OB12006
Publisher: Natural History Publications Borneo in association with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; 2001; 585 pages;

Over 250 colour photos; lists 1019 species in 120 genera known from the Malaysian state

Orchids of Java by COMBER, J.B.
ISBN: 0 947643 21 4; Book No: OB12017
Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; 1990; 407 pages;

An account of all the orchids known to occur wild in this most important island of Indonesia. Altogether 130 genera are listed, and a total of 731 species described.

Orchids of Samoa by CRIBB, Phillip & WHISTLER, W.Arthur
ISBN: 1 900347 01 6; Book No: OB12024
Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; 1996; 141 pages;

101 species in 47 genera, deals with geography, vegetation and exploration of islands and with structure of the orchids; a key to the genera and to species; 27 species are illustrated with line drawings; 24 pages of colour photos of 81 species.

Paphiopedilum in Taiwan II by HSIAO, Yuan-Chuan
ISBN: Nil; Book No: OB12142
Publisher: Taiwan Paphiopedilum Society; 1999; 144 pages;
800 colour photos. Bi-lingual.